SoundTaxiWhile true audiophiles might still bemoan the disappearance of the LP record, more tech-savvy music fans recognize that technology has served to enhance music, rather than hold it back. One of the ways that the digital age has dramatically affected the music world is the ease of which we can access our music. There are no more vinyl albums that you need to keep in protective sleeves for fear that they’ll get a scratch, and there are no cassette tapes that you’re worried are going to stretch out and break.


DVD Region free + DVD recording

DVD X-player

What is DVD X Player?

DVD X Player allows you to watch DVDs from any region (except the Matshita DVD-RAM serials, Sony VAIO serials and Toshiba Satellite serials) with no limit to how many times you can switch between them (5 times is the average limit)


DVD to iPod converterDo you want to be able to watch your DVD collection on your iPod?

Do you want to watch your favorite movies wherever you go?

Convert your DVD collection to your iPod in one click now!

Our new DVD to iPod converter software is easy to operate and perfectly suits all your desires. Compared to other DVD to iPod converters, ours is customized to meet your needs.


Video technology has changed significantly since the days of the Beta versus VHS wars. Video production relies more and more on digital technology, and we've moved way beyond laser disks and even Video CD technology in the past several years. Add in the advent of computer technology appearing in every home, and you can quickly begin to imagine the limitless possibilities that come with a computer, some video files and blank DVD disks.


Pavtube Blu-Ray RipperOur entertainment media – the actual physical media on which our entertainment is transmitted to us – has changed dramatically in the past two decades. From the days of Beta and VHS, to high-quality laser disks, to DVD and now Blu-Ray, technology is delivering higher-quality entertainment media each and every day.

One of the problems that's come along with that technological advancement, however, is that making a backup recording of your entertainment media is increasingly difficult. Back in the old days, you'd simply hook two VCRs to one another and copy a movie onto a blank tape. With Blu-Ray, it's not quite that easy.


The quality of small-screen pictures has vastly improved over the past few years. No one can deny the difference that HDTV has made in terms of the crispness and clarity you can now enjoy in the comfort of your own home. What is especially interesting about that fact is that the resolution on most televisions is still significantly lower than what it is on a computer monitor. In fact, some types of HDTV can really only be experienced in their full glory when you use a high-resolution PC monitor.


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If you’re looking for multimedia software, you’ve come to the right place. At Software Start we give you access to all of the very best in multimedia programs. You’ll find everything you’re looking for here, including:

  • DVD Burners that create quality, reliable DVDs every time

  • DVD Copy tools that let you get past copy protection and make backups of your favorite DVDs

  • Blu-Ray tools that let you do the same

  • Codecs to play just about any video format you can finde

  • CD rippers to move your audio files to CD format

  • Tools that let you convert video and audio files to a format your mobile device will support

  • Applications that can help move, manage and convert your multimedia files into a format supported by your iPhone, iPod or iPad

We’re confident that you’ll find plenty of useful resources on this site. We’ve done the hard and often tedious work of sorting through the volume of programs out there to find the ones that work best and that will meet your multimedia needs. is owned and operated by Henrik Bondtofte, who works at a danish online marketing company. Please enjoy your stay and be sure to get in touch if you have any comments! For even more great downloads visit this site.

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